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Biodiesel: Cheap & Easy

How much money can I save by making biodiesel?
Your immediate savings per gallon will be approximately $1.50 (typical petroleum diesel cost) minus the $0.70 (very conservative) cost to make your own biodiesel.  When multiplied by your family's monthly consumption, you will know how many months it takes to recoup your investment in a Fuel Meister biodiesel processor with your family as the sole consumer.

How much will the supplies cost?
Used cooking oil is widely available for free from your local restaurants.  Racing methanol is about $2.50 per gallon, but you only need 1/5th of a gallon for every gallon of biodiesel.  Lye is about $5/lb. at the hardware store, but closer to $3/lb. in 25 lb. bulk bags.  You need about 1.5 lbs/40 gal.

How much biodiesel can the Fuel Meisterâ„¢ produce?
Making only 2 to 3 batches per week, the Fuel Meisterâ„¢ can easily produce 340 to 516 gallons of ready-to-use, washed biodiesel every month.  If you do a good job setting up your processor you can even produce a batch every 24 hours, which adds up to adds up to 1,200 gallons of biodiesel per month!

What other ways can biodiesel be used?
In most cases, you can safely use up to 100% biodiesel in any device, which currently uses #2 petroleum diesel.  This includes cars, trucks, generators, tractors and even home heating oil furnaces.

Who else do you know could use some biodiesel?
Think about your friends, relatives, and other diesel users that you know.  They will probably be very interested in how you've cut your diesel fuel costs and may want to participate with you in making biodiesel.

How else can I cut biodiesel production costs?
If you can plan your production volumes carefully, you could get supplies like methanol and lye in larger volumes to keep the per-unit costs down.  Setting up to collect and store supplies in larger quantities will also reduce the labor time and transportation costs as well.

How should I treat my your own time in making biodiesel?
Most people who make biodiesel treat their own production time as a hobby, much like making beer or wine at home for personal consumption.

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